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Discover Adoption

If you are considering whether adoption might be appropriate for you and your child, allow us to ease your mind by helping you understand the typical process associated with adoption.

Explore Your Options

By visiting our webpage today, you have already taken a step in determining the best choice for you and your child. We encourage you to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision about the care of your child. Seeking additional information or meeting with a Childplace counselor does not imply a commitment to an adoption plan or continued services. Whenever you are ready, contact Childplace for additional information. Call or text us anytime at (502) 693-5853, email us at, or find us on Facebook.

Connect with us in whatever way that you feel most comfortable with and we will answer your questions and help you explore the possibility of adoption.

Meet with Your Childplace Counselor

Meet with your Childplace counselor at a time and location that works best for you. If you do not have transportation, or you would not feel comfortable meeting at our office, our staff will make accommodations to meet at another agreed-upon location. The counselor will listen to your concerns and help you identify your options within your present situation. We will never pressure you into an adoption plan. Rather, we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to consider all of your options and that you understand your rights. Your counselor will help you understand the different types of adoptions and if you are ready, they will help you create an adoption plan that is unique to you.

Seek Supportive Medical Services

If you haven’t already identified a medical professional, Childplace will help you locate a hospital and medical team to provide prenatal care and delivery of your child. If you do not already have an insurance plan, we will assist you in applying for health coverage. Financial assistance could also be provided for pregnancy-related expenses.

Meet with an Adoption Attorney

We want to be sure that you fully understand your rights and that you have the opportunity to receive separate legal counsel. We will arrange for you to meet with an attorney that is trained specifically in adoption law. You may choose to meet with an attorney identified by Childplace or with an attorney of your choosing. The attorney will help you understand the legal process of adoption, answer any questions that you might have, and allow you to review all related legal documents ahead of time. Your Childplace counselor can accompany you to this meeting, if desired and can arrange for transportation.

Counseling and Ongoing Support

Counseling and ongoing support services are available throughout your pregnancy. Childplace offers adoption-specific counseling to you, your significant other, and extended family. You may meet with your adoption counselor as often or as infrequently as you would like. Our desire is to provide you with needed assistance and support as you journey through the adoption process.

Review Prospective Adoptive Families

Review prospective adoptive families and select the right one for your child. You will have the opportunity to review the profile books of several families who are hoping to adopt. The families have completed the necessary background checks and requirements of our agency and state law to adopt a child. They have received training on adoption-specific topics and have been approved by Childplace. You will also have the opportunity to request more information about them, speak with them on the phone, or potentially meet them in person. Some expectant parents desire to develop a relationship with their child’s adoptive parents, while others choose to have very minimal or no contact at all. This is entirely your choice.

Develop a Birth Plan

With the assistance of your counselor, you will develop a birth plan that will help the hospital staff understand your preferences regarding contact with the adoptive family and your baby while in the hospital. Your birth plan can be changed at any time before or during your hospital stay. As you develop your birth plan, you will also have the opportunity to complete a medical history inventory. This document will allow you to communicate any notable medical family history to the adoptive parents.

Affirm Your Decision

Your counselor will be available at the hospital as much or as little as you desire. After your baby is born, your counselor will follow-up with you to determine if you would like to proceed with the adoption. The state law does not allow for you to sign any legal documents before the birth of the baby. The timeline varies for each state, but we will encourage you to rest and allow any narcotics that could impact your judgment to exit your system before you sign any legal documents.

Complete your Adoption Plan

If you are ready to proceed with the adoption, we will arrange for your Childplace counselor and adoption attorney to meet with you and sign the proper documents consenting to the adoption. Again, the law differs by state, but your attorney and Childplace counselor will help you understand the adoption laws that are relevant to your situation. You and your baby will be discharged from the hospital, in accordance with your adoption plan as pre-arranged with the adoptive family.

Post-Placement Support

Following the placement of your child, you may meet with your counselor as frequently or infrequently as you desire. We will offer continued support and counseling as you begin to heal and cope with feelings of grief or loss. We hope to become a continued source of support and empowerment to you. We are always available to speak with you if you have additional questions or needs.

Please join us in our effort to provide a place of hope and healing for children and families!