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Other Adoption Services

Home Study Assessments

Childplace, Inc. is a licensed child-placing agency (LCPA) in the states of Indiana and Kentucky. We provide home study assessments to families in the Southern Indiana and Metro-Louisville area who are seeking placement services through Childplace or another adoption agency. We also provide home study assessments to those pursuing an independent adoption through the assistance of an attorney.

Childplace utilizes the Structured Analysis Family Evaluation model. This process typically includes 3-5 visits to the home over the course of 3-4 months. A home safety inspection, as well as the following criminal checks will be completed: FBI Fingerprinting, State Police, Local Law Enforcement, Child Abuse/Neglect Registry, and National Sex Offender Registry checks. Our staff is specifically trained to provide adoption-specific education to prospective parents and to ensure that their home and family would provide a safe and nurturing environment for a child.

Post-Placement Supervision

In addition to placement services, Childplace provides post-placement supervision to families in the Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana area who have recently received an adoptive placement. Although the parameters of the supervisory period may vary depending on state or agency policy, most families pursuing an adoption will be required to meet with an adoption specialist at least twice before the adoption can be finalized in court. These meetings will occur in the family’s home and serve as an additional support as the family nears finalization. Following the visits, the adoption specialist will submit a report to the court detailing the agency’s recommendation regarding the adoption.

Criminal Clearance Reports

In the state of Indiana, a comprehensive home-study assessment is required for individuals planning to adopt; however, a home study assessment may be waived by the court in grand-parent and step-parent adoption cases. If the home study assessment is waived, the adoptive applicants are still required to submit to criminal clearance checks to be completed by a licensed child-placing agency (LCPA) in accordance with Indiana Code 31-9-2-22.5.

Childplace provides this service to families throughout the state of Indiana. Adoptive applicants must submit to the following criminal checks: FBI Fingerprinting, State Police, Local Law Enforcement, Child Abuse/Neglect Registry, and National Sex Offender Registry checks. These criminal checks must be completed for every state of residence in the past five years. Upon completion of each criminal check, Childplace will submit a report summarizing the results to the attorney representing the adoptive applicants.

For additional information regarding fees and costs, as well as availability for any of the above services, please contact our office.

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