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Why Childplace?

“Childplace is wonderful. They will help you through anything that you need. They will listen when you vent and help give you tools to deal with different behaviors and they’ll come help you with them. We highly recommend Childplace.”

Kami, Childplace Foster Mom

“We appreciate all that you all have done for us over the years and the ability to partner together in the [foster care] journey. We didn't know what we would encounter going in or how many lives would be touched, but on the other side we have seen remarkable caring by everyone at Childplace and we have met incredible kids and other families that have inspired us.”

Ben and Jenna, Childplace Foster Parents

“Foster care has been one of the most meaningful things I've done in my life. We absolutely could not have done it without [the Childplace] team, though. You all really made it possible for us!”

Brad, Childplace Foster Dad

Foster Parent Support

To support foster parents, Childplace offers:

  • Case Management Services - Case managers support foster families and children in their homes through a minimum of monthly visits as well as through phone calls, meetings, and appointments. Our staff is just a phone call away.
  • Therapy Services - Childplace Counseling Services, located on our campus, is staffed with 7 licensed therapists and a full-time Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Many children in our care benefit from these services or therapy within the community.
  • Free On-Site Training - Informative and educational training to enhance foster parenting skills are provided by Childplace staff bi-monthly.
  • Crisis Intervention Services – Childplace staff are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist foster parents should a crisis occur.
  • Peer Support Groups - Led by foster parents, a peer support group allows Childplace foster parents to share concerns, seek advice and receive encouragement.
  • Respite Care - Sometimes foster parents need to take a short break. Some foster families provide a respite by hosting children from other foster homes. The length of respite varies and is usually for a couple of days on an as needed basis.
  • Competitive Financial Assistance - Foster families receive a per diem to help with expenses for each child placed in their care. Each year, Childplace hosts an appreciation event for our foster families and assists with children’s needs on a case by case basis as the budget allows.
  • Parent’s Night Out Each Month - Childplace staff encourages our foster families to utilize this support service to take a few hours each month to recharge, enjoy a quiet meal, run errands or just relax.

Please join us in our effort to provide a place of hope and healing for children and families!